Arizona City Fire District Fire Chief

Jeff Heaton

Position:                     Fire Chief/EMT

Previous Positions:     

With AZCFD Since:      2015

Business Administrative Assistants

Hazel "Pepper" Corbin

Position:                    Administrative Assistant

Previous Positions:     Accountant

With AZCFD Since:     2012

Frank McLaughlin

Position:                  Administrative Assistant

With AZCFD Since:   2018


Position:                  Mascot

With AZCFD Since:   2021

566th Battalion


A - Shift

Ricardo Caldera

Position:                      Captain/Paramedic

Previous Position:         Firefighter/EMT

With AZCFD since:       2017

Jeff Williams

Position:                     Firefighter/EMT

With AZCFD since        2016

Arlene Barajas

Position:                  Reserve Firefighter/EMT

With AZCFD Since    2019

B - Shift

Ernie Lopez

Position:                    Captain/EMT

Previous Positions:      Engineer/Firefighter

With AZCFD Since:      2005

Nathan Oliver

Position:                   Firefighter/Paramedic

                               EMS Coordinator

Previous Positions:    Southwest Ambulance

With AZCFD Since:   2011

Zane Webster

Position:                  Firefighter /EMT

With AZCFD since     2019

C - Shift

Joseph M. Ortega

Position:                    Captain/Paramedic

                                EMS Captain

Previous Positions:     Southwest Ambulance                                              Regional Fire & Rescue

With AZCFD Since:     2016

Bill Brown

Position:                    Engineer/EMT

Previous Positions:     Firefighter/EMT

With AZCFD Since:     2006

Chase Evans

Position:                      Firefighter/EMT

Previous Position:         Southwest Ambulance

With AZCFD since:        2019

Joshua Matthews

Position:                  Reserve Firefighter/EMT

With AZCFD Since    2021

Retired Members

Randy Wittenburg

Position:                   Firefighter/EMT

Previous Positions:      Captain/Engineer


                                  EMT/Assistant Chief

With AZCFD Since:      1984

Armando Rascon

Position:                   Firefighter/EMT

Previous Positions:      Firefighter

With AZCFD Since:      1995

Dean Craun

Position:                     Safety Officer (Retired)

Previous Positions:      Captain/Engineer

With AZCFD Since:      1987-2014

Joe Espinoza

Position:                        Captain/Paramedic (Retired)

Previous Positions:         Firefighter

With AZCFD Since:         2008-2013

Ron Jolly

Position:                   Firefighter (Retired)

Previous Positions:      Captain/Engineer

With AZCFD Since:      1986-2013